059.November 3


Rachel and I came to Decorah together this morning. She is teaching voice at Luther 2 days a week, starting yesterday. She joined me for lunch at noon, and then headed off to her new job.

We ate again at the Oneota Co-op after work. They were having a "Taste of the Holidays" festival, and we got an amazing Thanksgiving/Xmas meal and got to share our desserts with two Luther seniors who were very fun and made us feel special. Rachel taught Elyse her piano lesson at 19:00, while I cleaned up Foxtrot's messes in the bathroom. Then I went to work on Smurf, my new computer, and got her going after replacing the video card with an ATI card. I watched Buck Rodgers in silence until the story intrigued me so much, though it was very fun to imagine what the characters were saying.