298.March 9

University of Nottingham, UK

Another full evening of rehearsals at the New Theatre for Lysistrata after my Nottingham Playhouse class.


Decorah, IA

Today I scheduled a lot of program installs to happen within the next week. I guess this means a very busy Saturday at work. I went to lunch at Hart's Tea and Tarts, and had soup and a cream tea, which incluedes two scones. I read Sable Quean and felt like the world my oyster, though I did oversteep my Assam for a bit, and felt very caffinated the rest of the afternoon. I had dinner with Katie, Andrew and Chris at Cho Sun, and the green curry was an excellent choice. We watched LOST together after Andrew and I played Modern Warfare 2 in his basement. Chris and I played World at War: Zombies for a while before bed. I think I had an excellent day. My only complaint is that I didn't also go to the Danu concert with Rachel, but I also needed the relaxing evening. We stayed in Decorah overnight.


Mara and Frida were served monkey bread when they rose this morning. I was cleaning the kitchen while Rachel played in church. We went to Caledonia's production of Joseph ...Dreamcoat in the afternoon, and then Jill and Roar came over for his first night in Spring Grove since last year. We looked through our last trip pictures to Norway so he could see what we did after we left his island. Rachel and I went to bed tipsy.