075.October 18

University of Nottingham, UK

I found out today, after trying out for Dangerous Liaisons, that I did get the part of Rocky in the Rocky Horror Show. That was quite a rush. I rented the movie that night after a long walk North of the house trying to find a rental place that had it.


I woke when Rachel headed off to church to prepare for her organ pieces. I showered, dressed, and then went shopping at Kwik Trip so I could cook for my guests. I brought Rachel an omelet on a bagel so that she could feel a little better during the church service. Then I started cooking for my post-Nottingham houseguests: Andrea, Ben, Bea, Christy, David, and Eebie. I guess we only had the ones from the beginning of the alphabet. After everyone was up, we ate and enjoyed An's coffee from Duluth. I took pictures of Christy's photo albums while she and Eebie hashed out their relationship in the kitchen.

We headed off to Luther College's Center for Faith and Life for a church service, where we sat in the back and I got to sing with Eebie, which was a treat. Then, we attempted to meet everyone by the bell, and ate in the Luther Cafeteria. After a few hours of this, I dropped off Christy and Eebie at their cars and spent a few hours at work. I headed back home to catch up on some much needed sleep. I had rehearsal for Foxfire at 17:00, which was pretty fulfilling, and then tried to get to sleep. I was pondering last night's 20th Luther class of 1995 reunion, and after much writing, posted these thoughts on the facebook page for our class:

I'm summarizing my thoughts after a cathartic weekend celebrating the bonds of friendship and love that utilize memories long passed. I do not regret the time spent apart from those with whom words came easy and hugs felt comfortable as much as I wish I had found time to establish similar ease and familiarity with those of you whose eyes I remembered kindly, whose faces or names had changed enough to prevent my feeble mind associating you justly with the admiration and compassion I felt for you in class or other shared experience. If you noticed me hesitate in recalling your name or how we met, please don't feel that you are not important to me now as you were to me then when we shared a few precious memories together. Let's make up for lost time soon. But until then, know that if you saw hesitation in my eyes, it was over my failed confidence, not over my esteem for you.


Today is my Parents Wedding anniversary. Rachel Jill and I Surprise them with...

I never finished this entry. I can't remember what we did, and I am kind of sad about that.

I don't even know if this was from 2016, 2017, 2018, or 2019.

Moab, Utah

Waking in Moab, we went to an amazing breakfast place at the start of the Trailhead to our first hike. It was called Hidden Valley Cafe, or similar. They had fresh squeezed juice blends, and great cappuccino. We had amazing breakfasts, and then climbed a mountainside up to a valley, and then walked along a windswept valley until we reached some more cliffs to find. It was a great first hike, and we would find each hike getting progressively more challenging and more exciting.

After we got cleaned up, and took a jacuzzi, Jake showed up, and we went out for dinner at Josie Wyatt's, just a block away. We were treated well, partly because we announced it was a joint birthday party, and got 3 free desserts with fresh strawberries. Jake went back to his campsite, and we went to the bar, trying many exciting taste concoctions. We met many other cool people, or at least Rachel did, and I found my favorite drink: the Hot Charlotte. Here is a recipe for it, but with tabasco instead of peppers. https://www.winemag.com/2011/05/10/cocktail-of-the-month-hot-charlotte/. That night lasted a very long time, and we felt very close with our new found friends by the time we left for the block long walk to our home. Nice location.


Wildhaus, Switzerland