043.November 19

Nottingham, UK

I am going to a party tonight at someone's house. We are all meeting at a pub, but I am meeting Jody Law, a British woman from the University English Department to see her house first. I think it will be really fun. Rocky Horror Show is going brilliantly.

Besides being so busy now, I am having the best time. I hope my year keeps improving constantly, as it is now. I can't imagine having to go home right now, when I am finally getting adjusted to this, and making good friends, and being in a musical that will help me make many friends. They will get to know me, or rather my body, because I only wear leopordskin pants(the british kind). The costume people keep making jokes by going around and telling people when they need to try on costumes, and then saying to me, "You don't need anything."


London, UK

I woke shortly before Kate brought my tea in the morning. Kate had a hair appointment in the afternoon, and was supposed to have a doctors appointment in the morning. She decided, however, not to go. We had a slow start to the morning with toast, tea, and jam. Then the two of us went by bus, after checking our email at a local coffee shop where we drank some wonderfully dark caffeinated inspiration, to Hyde Park Corner. We looked at first for a toilet, heading for The Goat, my favourite haunt on Hyde Park. but it was too far away, so we stopped at a fancy 5 story store for the toilet, in the restaurant on the fourth floor.

We bought sandwiches and drinks for a picnic in Green Park, which was lovely. We walked to the Royal Academy, where Kate dropped me off to go to Covent Garden for her hair colouring session, over 2.5 hours long. I explored after paying 14 quid for a ticket, the "Masters of Colour" and "The Aztecs." The Aztecs showed me discoveries from as late as 1997.

I texted Kate that I would be having a pint in Punch-n-Judy's pub in Covent Garden market, and as soon as I was about to re-text her she was there. We heard some violins and cellos, so we stopped for the music at the underground wine bar, very very old, near the open pit area with the musicians. We listened for only a few minutes, me with my port and Kate with her Coke.

We adjourned indoors, as the music finished, into huge leather chairs. She thought "the place looked like something out of an affair." We had a lovely talk, then wandered out of Covent Garden. She was taking me out for the best fish and chips in London tonight, and I think she was right. I had the Haddock, she had the Plaice. Both were amazing, hers a bit browner, and loveliest.

We stopped at a pub on the way home to use the toilet, I had a pint of something lovely. I think it was another Adnams. I nearly finished it, then we left. We checked out the movies at her theatres. Finding none, we went to the rental store, chose Y'Tu Mam Tambien, and stopped at her local theatre for a bag of sweet popcorn. I showered while she took her computer to a friend of a friend to set up internet and update it. Then we watched that amazingly beautiful and messy movie before bed. I had to wake for my play the next morning.


Portugal 2017