092.October 1

Nottingham, UK

It's overcast, but nice and dry. I snuck down to the first floor for a shower instead of a bath, and then picked up Jana and Stacey for breakfast at 07:55. We had a meeting with Caryl Thompson and all the American students. At 11:00 we had registration. All my classes, Rhetoric and Romance, were full. My other options were too, so I signed up for Chaucer. Drew Curtis, John and I ate, and played Star Wars pinball in the Buttery. David Faldet came at 13:30 to drive us to Nottingham Trent University. Drew Curtis and I got information on E-mail, and then went to register. The English guy came at 15:00. I signed up for The Craft of Writing and Critical Theory. I met many cool women taking English courses with me. In fact, the only students taking English classes from the US were women. I talked to them. Two of them asked me out to dinner with them, but I was getting a ride from David Faldet. They were from Florida (Ansley) and NJ mostly. I plan to make friends at NTU.

Jana and Stacey picked me up tonight at my dorm room. I met them in the stairwell, but they made me go back to my room so they could see it. We walked together to the banquet. My black jacket was handy because it began to rain. I wore my new cords, and my suit jacket, with a red and blue tie. My hair parted in the middle and I thought it looked good. I was glad I wore what I did, because almost everyone had suits on.

We were all ushered into the third floor hallway, over 500 people for sure, and we were lined along tables. They served us wine and juices. I had mango. We listened to the Vice-Chancellor's speech. I ate when they started the appetizers. I was the first person with food, so I faced hundreds of greedy stares.

We went back to Willoughby bar and ordered pizza from Domino's and drank bitter. I put on my silvery and red cotton shirt for the dance in the Buttery. We danced until midnight. It was fun, but I was a little tipsy and tired.


I hung Jenna's 20 piece tree painting in the bathroom above the toilet and tub tonight. It looks amazing in there, so I have to make the rest of the bathroom look a little better. I gave up on the paint job I put into the den area. I want it scraped away. I think we will put a lime green in its place.