083.October 10

Walking about Nottingham alone.

Absolutely beautiful and warm, I wore soft green flannel. I slept until noon, watched the end of "Soap Dish," and then watched Black Adder the Third. That was funny. Then I showered, put on my green plaid flannel shirt and blue gap jeans. I walked a while, then got on a bus and got of f at the Running Horse. I walked along the wall of the cemetery and it led me to the Arboretum. I walked through that, and saw every rule they had listed at the entrance being broken. No Ball-Games, No Dogs without a lead, etc. I picked up litter and pet the squirrels. Then I walked through the grave yard. All the graves were from the eighteen-seventies's or later. They are very close together and very thin. Many are broken down, and the graveyard seems very unkempt.

I walked more downtown, past the hospital and then up the Castle. I stood on the wall and examined the landscape. They have a map that helped a bit. I saw the University and Wollaton Hall. The castle was not too old though, and was not exciting up close. I had a good time. I walked out and past Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem. I passed through the subway to Broadmarsh. From there I used the phone to call my house in Spring Grove, MN. Jill was there, and she told me that everyone else had just gone to Chris and Rhonda's for Christina's birthday.

I called Christina and got to talk to everyone on the speaker-phone. Then I made my way to the bus stop near the Co-op and waited twenty minutes for the 65 bus. On the way home, the bus picked up Christy, Kris and EB. When we got home, I made tomato soup and grilled cheese. I watched the end of Cyrano de Bergerac and then ran to the Silk Cut with Lisa so she could drop off a movie. I got a liter of 8.6% Vintage Cider.

The group watched "Blade Runner" as I typed out my journal. David came over to the house and gathered us to inform us that his mom might die soon. He might fly home sometime this week, which would leave us on our own for the house trip.


John was married in a lovely fall ceremony at Winneshiek Wild Berry Winery. Liam was baptized, and Rachel, Jill, Jeremy and I were the sponsors. Seeing everyone together was very fun, especially all the little ones who have grown so much. Ole and I spoke about programming and binary languages he is developing.