329.February 6

Nottingham, UK

I read Sarum today, stopping only to check the theatre board at the university to see who accepted their roles in my play. I made spaghetti tonight with Becca.


Today was the dreaded auction we've been working to prepare a bid for all week. But just for a week. I had gone to 3 banks, gotten a good loan for a small amount to cover our bid, and spent yesterday arranging for people to walk through the building to inspect it and give us their opinion of how high to go if at all, gotten a good loan for a small amount to cover our bid. This number wasn't quite enough for what the building went for. Well, the auction was exciting anyway, I won 4 bids, I think I made 6. Everything went quite low. I bought a 6 foot chalk board and a cooler to use at the opera house if people don't mind if I leave them there. I also got some out of date computer equipment, but I have uses for them at work, so I feel I was justified in practicing for the big bid. I did get some idea about how to go about buying a house or a business this week, and it was a learning experience. We went to Sherlock Holmes this evening and then to the fitness center.