200.June 15

Rotterdam, Holland

POSTCARD: I am unwillingly participating in the rail strike in Holland (or the Netherlands). I am stuck at Rotterdam Central Station and have been for quite a long time. They think the strike might end and trains will begin again at noon, but they don’t know. I wish they did. I had reservations on a train to Muenster. I will see John sometime today, I think. I am hungry right now, after spending the night on a train and then the ferry from Harwich to Hoek van Holland. I slept quite well in the ferry. I started out in a seat, but then went to the back of the room and fell asleep behind a row of seats. The ferry line gave us a bus ride from the station at the port to Rotterdam at least. I should store my luggage maybe, and go for a walk around, but I don’t want to take out $50 worth of Netherland’s money just to eat and store luggage. I have a book that I bought in Ireland by Frank Delaney (obviously a relative of ours). It is really quite good. Writing must run in our family, eh! I am still writing with my Guinness pen. Luckily, there are nice seats in the International Reservations office.

I brought headphones and many tapes along for this trip. It does make it much less lonely, but also keeps me from talking to people out of boredom. Since I have no big plans after I get to John’s made yet, I don’t mind just sitting around in the train station for four hours (so far). I found some jeans someone left in the flat and cut them off for shorts. They are great, and I am comfortable. At noon, some services started from Rotterdam, so I got off at 14:00, but not far. I ended up missing some connections, and arriving at 21:30. I took a cab to John's apartment at Raesfeldstraße 26, Münster .We ate, drank, and I took a shower before bed. Goodnight.


At rehearsal, I came for the beginning to set up, and then Jacob and I went to our house to make the ticket form and print them to pdf. It took two hours, because of a computer crash, and then he dropped my back at the barn to video tape the choreography from tonight.