007.December 25

We woke at 9:30 and made 4 quiches for our Christmas brunch. Rachel's family arrived at 11:00. We ate and opened presents. They all left at 15:30, except for Jake and Gayle. They helped us load the car and store the food we didn't eat. We left for my parents house, arriving at 19:00. When we arrived, the coyotes were going mad outside, and we realized that my family had called them in to scare us. They were hidden out in the dark. I found Andrew, and he went in with us. We went out again with the others to look at the stars for a while. Then we went inside. We stayed until 22:00, when our lack of sleep finally had worn us too thin.


Rachel had another church service this morning, and I prepared lunch for her mom's family. Everything turned out great, and we had a lovely time opening presents.

We went to the Dog House to spend a few hours in the hot tub outdoors under the bright constellations that filled the sky with Matthew and Stine. It was very fun to relax and enjoy such a beautiful evening, warm and then suddenly cold, and then warm and cozy by the fire in the dog house. What a magical night.