339.January 27

Harlech, Wales (on the Irish Sea to the English Channel)

I left on a bus from the Royal Theatre downtown with students I didn't really know from Nottingham Trent University, which used to be a Polytechnic, but had recently changed it's name to increase the popularity (not to be confused with University of Nottingham). We headed for Harlech and our ferry. I met many people on the ferry, and we drank all night, mostly I had Heineken, which is too light for me. Jägermeister is too alcoholic for me, but someone split a bottle with me. We danced all night on the rocking and shaking ship. If I could go back to any experience and relive it in my entire life, it would be this weekend. Or even remember it better. I've got some good pictures to share, but only a few of the people I was with. I would get so caught up with "Lysistrata" when I got back from Amsterdam, that most of these friendships would be forgotten.



Iowa, Nebraska in rain, and then the rain changed dramatically into nothing as soon as Cynthia and I crossed the Colorado border. We slept until 6:30am at a rest stop in the car. We just passed Ovid, which Charlie, a poet who reads at Cafka's in Decorah, talked about passing in a poem he'd read recently. We are eight miles from Crook. Last night, we ate dinner in Des Moines at a Perkins.


We had terrible drifting and intensely cold weather this morning, so I stayed home from work with Frida and Rachel. We hung all of our plates above the doors, because I discovered there was a plate rail over every window and door downstairs in our house. We watched more of the Steig Larson's Millennium Series from Sweden and had some lovely meals. We also went to work out at the Spring Grove Fitness Center, and started a monthly membership. John and Patty met us there and we all worked out together with Brandon helping us train and timing our workouts.