154.July 31

At lunch, I stopped at Java John's to pick up a music score from Urinetown that I'd forgotten someone had left for me. I got a cup of light roast to go, and it was very good. I drank it while reading Peter and the Starcatcher musical that came out a year ago. I love it so far. I got some food at Magpie Coffee, and did a little coffee taste test there, and was impressed with the similarities and differences that were with the two roasts. I had turkey veggie soup, which was great, but really lightly cooked in the way of the veggies, which were exceedingly crunchy. Yum.

Rachel was still in Wabasha, so I got to drive the Mercedes again, and when I got home from work, I went straight to the old Grippen house to help Lee choose a storage place for his furniture and books when they sign their house over to the bank. He gave us his lawn mower, which is far better than any I've ever operated in my life. He gave me lots of gardening tools as well, and then we checked out the storage cabins and chose one. We met at Kwik Trip for lunch, and he brought me all of the letters that Lars and Rigmor had written to him back when they were involved in YFU as students at my high school. I mowed the lawn with the bagger on, and it was amazing. It is a husquavarna with a honda engine. I love it.