114.September 9

London, England

I went to the matinee of Sunset Blvd. I sat next to a young woman from Israel and one of her friends. We talked a little about Israel. I arrived fourty-five minutes late for An Inspector Calls because I got lost while looking for a place to eat half an hour before the show. I won't do that again. It was 20 pounds for Sunset Blvd, and 10 pounds with a student ID for An Inspector Calls. Both were excellent.


Rochester, NY

I’m in the house of Dan Griffin, a student of Eastman School of music, and a Luther grad. We went garage sailing today, and some of the houses we hit were pretty amazing. I picked up a set of photo printing equipment and other assorted wonders. It was a great day, and very fun. Dan showed me the school where he goes, Eastman School of Music, and eventually I left.


Rachel and I cleaned our piano room, disinfected our entryway, and had the best night ever doing so. I made her cancel rehearsal so that our house would one day be clean.


Two years later, and our piano room is again a shambles. We spent the weekend moving large bits of furniture and mounting more cupboards on the wall in the kitchen. We also took the new oven apart and found that it had been damaged during shipping. So I ordered a fan for it so I would not have to solder it good enough to last forever. We watched the movie "The Kids are Alright" while I did weekend work for Deco.