318.February 17

Willoughby on the Wolds, UK

Today was British Countrysides course, for which I took a bus to go to Willoughby with our class. I woke quite late for this, but made it. I stopped at Ruby Tuesday for a pint afterwards, and to read Pride and Prejudice. We had the house course after 19:00.


Spring Grove, MN

Today I started reading through Taming of the Shrew, my copy with all my notes from when I was dramaturge and assistant director. It was great fun to get into the rhythm of iambic pentameter again. Rachel and I read some of it over lunch at Magpie, and then I did again at dinner at the Oaks. I'm so blooming tired tonight that not much is going to happen else to write about, however, as Rachel was giving lessons, I did watch a Michael Palin movie called "The Missionary" about a priest who was in charge of raising up the fallen women of London. Hilarious.