036.November 26

Richmond on Thames via Acton Town, London, UK

We slept well, I woke somewhat late, I guess, at 09:00. Malcolm was quick to be off to work. I watched the ending of "Lord of the Rings." then headed off to Richmond on Thames. When I arrived, I looked anxiously for a clotted cream tea, but it just wasn't anywhere to be found. Mostly French and Italian coffee bars were available. I went to a Greek coffee place, but didn't have anything. I used the internet for a pound an hour, though I didn't stay very long. I dubbed the place "The Asbestos Cafe." (I'll have to check the email to see if the one I sent went through.)

I had lunch and a pint at "The White Cross", on the Thames. I ate a Cornish pasty with beans, and chips with malt vinegar and mustard. I walked to Richmond cemetery, which was desolate, vine covered, hidden, impenetrable, and I was inside it. I felt interred. It was a beautiful and scary place. Then I made my way to the park entry, which was enormous. Too huge to spend just a short time in. Very rustic. But the deer herds were worth seeing. then I made my way back to Richmond city center and had a pint at The Racing Form. I was running out of pints that I had not already tried, but luckily, they had Spitfire, by Shephard Neame, the oldest brewery in England, from 1681 or so. From there I found a pay phone at Richmond Green and called home to my mother. All was well, and we exchanged mutual excitement over my homecoming in a week. Then after checking out a leather jacket for 179 quid, I went back to The White Cross for a glass of mulled whine. It was very nice, and I drank it out on the porch/dock area overlooking the Thames again. It was a nice evening.

I shopped for Thanksgiving Treats at Marks and Spencer, and bought Malcolm a bottle of wine for being such a great host. I headed home, Malc called while I was on the train and said that he could be back in an hour. I went to Supervalue or something like it to buy chocolates for Beth. She should be happy with the load I picked up for her. Lots of Cadbury Flake.

I took a shower and then preheated the oven for two steak pies. I started them when the Simpsons came on and Malcolm arrived. He made carrots, potato, broccoli, and gravy, and we had another great meal. We got in his Mazda at 20:30 and went to Soho, the Three Greyhounds Pub, kitty-corner from Mama Mia at the Prince of York Theatre.

I had a few pints of a London Pride Bitter. On the way there, we had come along the northern border of Hyde Park, which is such a lovely area. We saw lots of expensive car dealerships. One of them cost half a million, fastest road car in the world. The other cool one was from 007 "Die Another Day".

Kate found us, and introduced us to Bill, who works as station manager of Channel 5, where she used to work. He was from Falkirk, which is only 9 miles outside of Stirling. We talked about that a bit, but mostly about the upcoming war, and 911. We did that for half an hour, until we got reintroduced to the rest of the people who were meeting us. Bill had taken Kate out with friends for a congratulations dinner on her new job.

After the evening, Kate and I said our goodbye's. Perhaps it was our best parting, although we had both a few drinks in us. Malcolm and I headed home, went to bed immediately, and woke early.


Another holiday of cleaning and home repairs. I started out with replacing two panes of glass in the North North storm window. Now, I need to buy some paint brushes, as we seem all out of them. I am listening to 'Go Tell The Bee's I'm Gone', the latest Outlander Novel that was released yesterday. It is wonderful, and I love everything that is happening now, and what may be coming soon, well, somewhere in the next 49 hours.