192.June 23

Munster, Germany

John and I are going to a doctor at 15:30 to remove my stitches. I was so anxious all night to go in. John did not want to wake up so early (09:30) so I tried to sleep, but one of the stitches tugged at my face. We wandered downtown and finally got to the skin doctor. We waited one hour. She quickly removed the stitches, and put a Band-Aid on my beard. I got some cream ointment, and John went to the travel agent while I stood in the street and stared at the people who stared at me. We went out to eat and I had a tuna fish pizza. John had a pasta bake. I had a bier bowle. Later, we went to the Ausse to meet Sarma and the Latvians, her cousins, and then some Christian bible group Sarma goes to. The males played fussball, and then we all sat in a circle and introduced ourselves campfire-like. We sang songs. I started Johnny Appleseed too low. Then we ate. John was crowned with oak leaves in a wreath made by Sarma to celebrate St. John's day and the longest day. We biked with Sarma and Yeva to their apartments far out of town through the deep, dark (it was nearly midnight) woods. The moon was round, and we followed it as the direction of John's house on the way home. It was one of the most wonderful bike rides ever.


We spent the morning at home after Rachel played piano for a church service. My mother came over after church as well, and we watched "Duck Soup" in the background as we talked. She helped me fill in some names in family tree from the internet. After she left, we watched "House" until she needed to go to rehearsal at the school for Suessical. I went to the old house and packed more stuff from our old bedroom. Rachel came by and carried them downstairs to haul off to our new home later.