255.April 21

Post date: Apr 21, 2010 3:17:58 PM

Nottingham, England

My theatre class (with Dave's help at the Performing Arts Studio) dubbed a funny clip of the politician Micheal Portillo at our 10:00 meeting. It was good. We posed for pictures for Katherine Harvey's project, and tried improvising things with sound by putting Portillo's speech into a bar scene conversation. It was ultra-difficult and boring. I talked to Katherine about feeling out of place with the group, said we were all assholes, and that I hated all three of them. I explained clearly why, even about her, and that I didn't feel a friendship with any of them. She sounded slightly hurt, but she understood when the guys came back down and never said a word towards me. I said I don't think it is their faults, it is just something that had evolved in our group atmosphere, and is why I am not comfortable to share much.

Simon, my theatre Prof. came to our rehearsal today and focused us down, so that we emerged with a design and plan for finishing this performance project. He is very good at including people, and getting ideas to mesh together. He asked for what we wanted out of the performance (ideas) and how we saw what was the way to deliver it. Looking at how things could work, not how they were difficult. His attitude is that all things can be done and that it simply has to be discovered. He was a major help, and gave us all ideas of how to do it. Run through first without discussion, the questions should be answered through the run through by seeing how people respond to the situation they are put into. Then they grow by responding to the others' additions.


I rode the xj650 out to my parents house and then caught a ride to work with my father. It was a beautiful morning with 3 lovely deer bounding across the road. Rachel met me for lunch at Magpie where we split a wrap. I ran some errands for Jill when I got to my parents house, and then had dinner with Rachel while watching season 2 of Mad Men. Then I went to the fitness center to work out while Rachel studied in bed.


We invited a large group of friends over for beer today in order to get them to help us carry our 750lb granite island top from our 57 chevy truck into the house and onto our white island base. We had dismantled part of the base that morning and set it up with the fridge in between. Then we went to Sara's Alamo for a soup contest and the annual start of Spring party.