365.January 01

Today I watched cartoons. After that all there was to watch was football, so I watched football. Then Chris taught John and I some chords on the guitar. The John, Chris, Dad, and I played cards.


Harmony, MN

I got up at 7:00. Yesterday we went to La Crosse. I shined my boots, then we went to Olga's. When we got home we watched "The Enforcer".


London, UK

I woke up in the youth hostel near St. Pauls, in London, after New Years in Trafalgar Square. B & I took an early tube ride to the train. At 10:55 we took a five hour train ride from London Paddington to Penzance, then a taxi through the rain to our B&B. Our B&B room was on the third story of a dirty orange carpeted building, with a TV droning and half closed doors downstairs. The people there very much wanted to be known as the owners of the house, I felt like we were invading. We were delegated to the attic room, which was only there because there was some extra room underneath the actually roof of the house. We went walking soon after we arrived. We went shopping for cheese and dinner things at a tiny store a short walk down the road. It was incredible how the waves splashed up against the shoreline and drown cars that drove by in the storm.Later we walked around Penzance, finding a wine celler and a movie theatre. We bought a cheap Spanish Wine that turned out to be wretched. We went to "The Addams Family Values" at 16:30. We stopped at Ye Olde Cheese & Ale Pub and shared an Old Buzzards Red Ale.


London, UK

After lounging about at Kate's flat all morning, and perhaps all afternoon, we went to "Bangers and Mash" in the morning --which was in the 2nd cutest little 50's restaurant I have seen. Perhaps the cutest restaurant was also with Kate last year. Best fish and chips on that go-round. I wouldn't say this was the best breakfast. however...might've been, but I ate the scrambled eggs and undercooked beans and after the martinis of the night before, I had no stomach to have the sausage and underdone bacon. I am now composing my thoughts in "Tinderbox" in Angel over an espresso. I had also hoped to use the internet, but declined to use it when it was still available. The screen happened to be dark at the time, and I thought it must mean it was dead. Foolish of me, now just getting in line for it is a killer.

After breakfast, we again lounged on sofas and watched "Moonraker." After that, as "Grease" was starting, I left for a walk to check out tickets at Leicester Square. I saw that "After Miss Julie" was playing and was sold out forever. I went to the Royal Nat'l. Theatre on the south bank and "Pillowman" by Martin McDonough was playing. I stopped in the bookshop and proceeded to buy all of their Tom Stoppard material from "Coast of Utopia." Then back to Kate's for a dinner of pizza and salad. I stayed up quite quite late previewing Sound of Music (bitter draft of espresso....I must say "Yeouch!"). Also "Breakfast Club"--but I watched "What Women Want" before she retired to bed.


At 09:30 I woke and put dishes into the washer from the party last night. Jacob was on the couch in the video room, so I laid out on the african leather couch and was smothered by Foxtrot, my overweight cat. I fell asleep there until noon when I went to raise Rachel from the dead. I spent the day in my monkey suit, and watched Season 5 of L.O.S.T. We've been eating all of the food our guests brought over last night. Chili by Rob and Amy, Artichoke dip by Abe and Lara, Bakelau by Jill, hot chicken wings by Sara, cheesy spinach dip by Steve and Linda, puppy chow and caramel corn from Mark, and of course all of the leftover beer and wine. Who would want to leave the house if the fridge is full and the house is warm. The cat did, but this will be his last time out of doors for the year, because the city is cracking down on pets in the neighborhood. There goes Foxtrot's sex life.


Rachel and I spent all day inside. Jacob was at our house, having stayed over after our New Year's Eve Party last night. We had a wonderful time, but hte night did last a long time.

We woke after 11:00, and Rachel made soup of some turkey from last week. I did clean up from the previous night, and during lunch we watched Flash-Forward, finishing the season later after 2 am. We did take a break at some points to do some projects. We had dinner, and watched The Terminator.


I woke in what seemed a new house at 10:00. Laurel had stayed over from last night's party, and I heard both of them making breakfast downstairs in our now spacious kitchen. The mess from our New Year's Eve party was nearly cleared up, and we had a sweet potato fritata and chocolate muffins complements of our guest. The winds were extreme, and ripping through the yard and alongside the house. After Laurel left for Lake City, we prepared for my family's Christmas party. They arrived shortly after 15:00, as we finished wrapping the last of the presents and got the house presentable again. Patty, Rhonda, and Sharon brought most of the food, so we had only to serve the leftover deserts from the previous night. Elyse and Katie had a short rendition of the new testament to perform for us, in which John and I took a part as wisemen. After all was over, Patty, Rachel and Elyse played a cut-throat game of Monopoly while John, Andrew, and I played Operation Flashpoint on PS3, all in different rooms/houses.


Rachel and I had spent the day at home. I made breakfast for her, and we shared that at the dining room table. I checked on the chickens and realized that the heated water bucket had frozen overnight. I brought it in, and after melting through the ice, discovered there was water frozen around the electrical connections, so thawed that out, dried it, and got heating again. Hopefully, if I don't get water in there again it will continue working through the winter.

When Rachel went to the Opera House for a bit, I installed a 50 foot synthetic rope on our Polaris Sportsman 800 for better winch operation. Rachel came in time to winch it back onto the spool while I fed it in evenly. Hopefully it will work well for plowing. We watched the 20 year reunion of the Harry Potter cast and a few more movies before an early bedtime. One was Wonder Woman 1984. I often write down the movies I've watched because I can then remember everything that happened on that day when I think back to my life. It's worked in the past, we'll see if the pattern continues.