163.July 22

Spring Grove, MN

Closing night of "URINETOWN", which for me has been a crowning achievement in my life in theatre so far. I think as a cast, we were better and more consistent than can be imagined for such an intricate show. Sure, our dancing may not have been the best, altogether, and our singing was haphazard at best, but we were consistent, and we were so much in character that at times we nearly ripped each other apart. I can honestly say it was my most fun experience in a musical.


We held the cast party for Seussical at our new house tonight. Over 60 people came, and the kids all loved the house. They all wanted to move in. Most of the party took place outside on the side porch, but at times all were in the dining room and kitchen. I grilled about 30 burgers.


Campfire at the old house after drinks at the Bourbon Distillery in Spring Grove. Lynn and Rachel went to lunch at the Farmhouse and then Garden Tours in Caledonia. I went to work on site for the first time this week. I charged up the battery on the F800st so I can take it to work tomorrow.