128.August 26

Barrington, Illinois

I'm in Jen's highly decorated basement. The futon I slept on last night looks up to all the item's Jen's mom got off of the farm where she grew up. The woodwork is straight from the barn. The bathroom, on a different note, is Rudolph Valentino's brain exploded.


When I woke, Lars and Frauke were already up and we would leave at 08:30. We packed the guitars and I unpacked most of the large things from my bag to leave in their apartment until I would come back on Sunday. Frauke bought us some rolls at the bakeri next door, and three scalding hot cups of coffee for the road. I held Lars while he drove, until finally they were cool enough to drink.

Where we arrived in Ettlingen, we greeted Lars' parents, then went shopping for a suit with Lars' Dad and Lars. I'm very proud of my suit.

After my suit was purchased and being shortened, Lars and I came back to start assembling the tent in their back yard for the party directly after the wedding. The church was close enough for people to walk, if they wished. When that was done, and first I should mention that the person who was there to set up the tent did not speak any English, so it was a bit awkward, but I didn't need much instruction. I just made myself into a slave bringing what people needed. We made a 17:00 stop at the restaurant to arrange all the details. Frauke's sister Karen was with us for that. She seems just as sweet and wonderful as can be, but she is under so much stress because of this wedding, she might just explode. Frauke was also under considerable stress. I thought she and Lars seemed a bit cold to each other. I'm sure my being there at their house the last few days may have added to that. After the restaurant, we split up. Frauke and Karen went shopping, and w went to pick up our suits, shirts, and I needed a razor. We finished and by that time, Frauke had calmed down. She was an angel for the rest of the wedding.

We returned just in time for dinner, and the Mueller's were there too. We had pizza, and a lot of really good wine and coffee (they had an automatishe espresso maker that was very fun, and it made perfect macchiato. We retired upstairs after adults went to bed and played guitar and sang for a few hours. Lars and I went to be, in the same room, so we talked a good time longer. I really enjoyed talking the the Mueller's and the Friske's.


When I arrived at home, Rachel painted the cottage, and then we went out to the Legion for Julia's birthday.


Rachel took the Mercedes in to La Crosse and got a ride back from John who was lecturing at Viterbo today. We completed the finishing touches on our Newhouse for in anxious preparation of Frida. Rachel bought us tickets to go to the Vikings game in Minneapolis on Thursday. I called Christina my niece and arranged to hang out with them when we can over the weekend.


Pula Collesseum, Istria, Croatia

We stayed at a very lavender AirBnB nearby, and drove in to walk around Pula for the day.