302.March 5

Bradford, UK

We all boarded Kiron's bus once again that morning. The first stop was Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet, in Sheffield, where some agricultural Sheffield blades are made. The huge water wheels, the dam, the hammers all made me nostalgic of the farm and I wish Dad could go there. I looked for Bradford's all day, and ended up staying in Bradford near the Bronte Parsonage. We walked the heath earlier, with lightning winds, ruffling my clothing. I had a can of Guinness Bitter along, and the foam flew. Now I am sitting in this Victorian hostel. I drank a Talisker, a Worthington's best Bitter, and a Bristol Cream. All was great except the Bristol Cream. We cast our flat on the Muppets and Sesame Street creatures. I left alone, and called Jill from a windy phone booth a few streets down from the hostel. I climbed to our huge attic room in the hostel underneath many yellow and purple blankets.


St. Paul, MN

La Boheme was wonderful, and because it was a student matinee, they left the curtain up for many scene changes, which gave us some ideas for set design on our upcoming barn production of "Kiss Me Kate." We went to Newport to pick up some motorcycle parts I'd found on Craigslist, and they turned out to be quite worth the trip. I got a windshield shaped more like a fairing, and a luggage rack for the Yamaha Maxim. It should turn out to be quite a bike with this. We went to the Lex for happy hour drinks, and then to "Mai Villiage" for Vietnamese cuisine, which is on Broadway in St. Paul. We got a tour of the owners private collection of Vietnamese antiques, which was enormously extensive. A friend of Jill's through us a party at her house, and we stayed very late into the evening. Rachel and Jill stayed up after I went to bed to read 'The Sable Quean'.


I took the day off from work on fear of a snowstorm that blanketed us with 6 inches. We had a lovely breakfast at home. I cleaned and watched tv with Rachel most of the day. I wrote down all of my lines for the show while listening to a show on Netflix called Zeitgeist. Then, when Rachel came home from the City Council mess, which she attended to see how they were addressing Frac sand mining trucks and the road project, I watched it again with her.


We had a big snowfall last night, and I took about an hour and a half blowing and shoveling the snow from the sidewalks. Then I stopped at the bank in Spring Grove to sign some things for the YOOH accounts, and set up a money market instead of a savings account. I drove the Mercedes today, and at lunch I went to 402 West Broadway to a sale where there was a grandfather clock. I bought it, and they helped to load it into the SUV. I was so excited to show it off at home, that I left work early and John came over to bring it into the house.

This evening I remade the leg supports for the family table, and then watched a Netflix show with Rachel before bed.