257.April 19

Paris, France

We packed everything, brought it downstairs and left in the hotel while we looked at Notre Dame and things near and on Cite. We saw Saint Chapel's beautiful huge windows. Then we went to the St. Lazar train station. We had to wait many-many hours for a ferry, sitting in a tiny crowded waiting room. One of the ferries had been canceled and the people buying tickets were not warned.


The weather was very beautiful today, so my ride to work and back was lovely. Rachel took me out to lunch at Don Jose's Mexican restaurant, where I had fish taco's, but not the cerviche fish taco's I'd hoped for. Just lightly battered cod, I believe. I played tennis with my lobster tennis ball launcher at the courts, and then watched a remake of WARGAMES while I fixed a server over the internet. I felt like a spy. What a perfectly lazy evening.