150.August 4

Rachel played in church today, but I had already woken up and did my SQL database work by running some scripts I'd written earlier for work. After I was finished, I did a little YOOH work, and then started heating up the quiche for breakfast in the oven. I left it on 200 until Laurel came down, and eventually convinced James to join us. We ate, and then Jacob finally rolled down the stairs, but James had been back and forth to bed because of all the home-brew last night. Laurel showed me how to trim the bushes beside the house, and described her landscaping plans for our gardens. At noon, they all left, and Rachel and I went to the other house to gather the old ceiling tiles and some cabinets to install in our new house, probably in the basement. We revamped some plans for the pantry at the old house, because we have a left-over cabinet and top from our project, so we are going to install them into the pantry, and really tie the whole thing in together instead of having a mismatched set. This will also make the fridge more accessible and attractive, but keep it out of the main space. I love the idea, and hopefully it will inspire us to get the entire project done, leaving a really awesome kitchen.

We went to the movie "The Heat" later, and laughed with a large adult audience. We ended by watching the first episode of the last season of House.