327.February 8

Nottingham, UK

I went to the Running Horse Tavern for Folk, Blues, and Beyond night. A woman played "If You Could Read My Mind." Tasha, currently my assistant director/costumer, and a friend of hers sang some Cowboy Junkies songs.


We had a great YOOH board meeting tonight where we discussed the possibility of building expansion on our current location. It was exciting to think of all the possibilities for us and the city of Spring Grove.


La Crosse, WI

Lew and I are with Sharon helping her to recover from a stroke. Eating is difficult for her, but she continues. There are ups and downs every day, but we hope to get her communicating in a way that represents the wonderful woman she is and has always been. John and his kids are coming today for the second time since she was first brought in to the Critical Care unit 11 days ago. Jill spent the first 8 days with her, staying on the same floor. Since then, she has been in the Neurology floor. We expect to have her move out to a nursing home for extended care early next week. Dad is being tremendous in his work with her to get her to eat. She has spoken few words, but we have appreciated every one of them.

Rachel is nearly done with January Term, which this year has been an extended break from teaching at Luther. Instead, she has been working at the new Rock radio station in Decorah at 07:00 each day, so we still have been able to travel together most of them time. This week she will be back at both, along with preparing for her recital in March.