364.January 02

Harmony, MN

We went to Grandma Olga's for dinner and watched football and played with Debbie. Then we went to Orson's for supper and played video games.


Watched "An American Werewolf in London."


Taylor, WI

We went to Taylor to visit Ellsworth and Mary. We played pool. Elsie and I won 4 out of 4. Elsie got a Texas Instruments Computer. I have decided not to get one of those. When we got home we were all glad that we had the garage door opener that dad got for Christmas to open the door.


Penzance, UK

We walked through town towards St. Michael's Mount. On the way, we passed the Ocean View B&B. We inquired about staying there, and loved it. We walked back to last night's B&B and check out. Then checked in to our new one. We walked the beach to St. Michael's Mount. We ate at a cafe in Marizion. We walked home to Penzance and stopped at a Super Market for dinner. We did our laundry that night.


London, UK

Breakfast of cornflakes with Kate, and then I headed off to Leicester Square to do some shopping for the musical I'm about to direct, "Man of La Mancha." I got the Pavarotti recording and a poorly made karaoke disc of the show, and another mixed karaoke tape for free. After listening to them, I'm surprised they didn't pay me to take it off their hands. But Pavarotti is amazing in the role of Cervantes.

I've always noted "The Olde Bell Tavern" as being one that I'd like to frequent, but until this moment, it had never happened. I'm drinking a pint of Timothy Taylor & Co. LTD. Landlord Ale. It is a sweet and fruity bitter, if you can imagine that. Bank station is a nightmare web of tunnels with way out signs that tease and confuse. "The Boy from Ipanema" is now playing, which kind of throws off ones perspective. The bitter has a lovely nose, an elegant sheen. Almost colors one. The business men are starting to swanker in. I'm ill fit for these environs with no jacket, just a tie and an orange shirt. Should shave sometime soon. All ales are 2.50 here. Sometime it would be nice to be in Nottingham, wish I had the Luther flat's phone number.


We spent the whole day enjoying the house. We made waffles while and ate them with strawberries and lemon curd. We watched a show called GRIMM all day long. We ended the evening playing cribbage.