323.February 12

Nottingham, UK

I slept late, and then came out for lunch. Drew had "Red Dwarf," so we watched a few episodes of that. I tried to work on my paper, but then watched Star Trek TNG on video. Then Becca and I went Beer shopping. I got lots of Guinness Bitter. Later, everyone got dressed for the Fancy Dress. I wore a genie outfit with a hair band and went to the German Lutheran Party downstairs. We danced to music. I had Guinness Bitter and sausage and potato salad. Then to the Wheatsheaf.


We're going to Abe's house tonight for some drinks and so I can play Modern Warfare 2 with Matthew. We decorated for a bit at Ye Olde Opera House before hand, and then met Jill at Doc's for dinner. I spent most of the evening getting shot up by Matthew, and then I ate and drank appetizers while Sara and Jill watched the Olympic Ceremonies starting in Canada.