184.July 1

Marathon, Ontario

Mailed July 1

Lars and I stopped at Old Fort William on Monday. We walked around the complex, and the people in costumes from 1813 AD talked to us and explained their functions in the community. After we left Thunder Bay, we went to Dorian and I got stamps and water. Then to Ouiment Canyon. We camped that night in Wolf River Park, and cooked spaghetti before a walk along the sandy river bars. We got up at 10 AM and started out by 10:30. I drove and stopped along the road to take pictures and look. We stopped at 2 parks so far. Rainbow Falls and Neys. We ate tomato soup for lunch at Rainbow. Then we drove to Neys. There was a huge beach with beautiful water. I waded in Lake Superior. It froze my feet, but it was fun. This was such a beautiful area. We drove through Marathon and bought groceries for supper tonight. We are on the road, and will probably drive 70 km more to Obatanga, another Provincial park.


London, UK

I went to museums all day. I ate at a Deep Pan Pizza, saw the National Gallery and Portrait Gallery. I wandered through the V&A, which had a tremendous exhibit of Pugin. That night I went to "Home" at the Garrick Theatre, a play at the with the two male leads from "Good Neighbors" as the stars. I walked around Leicester Square and drank good cider at the Moon Under Water pub.


Kenmare, Ireland

Another day and another further beach, accompanied by one of the waiters from River'sdale Hotel. He followed the whole way, Sam and I are quick to walk at the lead of any procession. We ran into Cathy's beau Mark, the grave digger and a few of his friends coming back from a long walk to pubs in another town miles away. We spent the longest time laughing and wondering at his tiny nipples. Only Sam and I noticed. We passed Shetland Ponies, and Liz sang the "My little pony" theme. There was much rejoicing. Finally we arrived at the Kenmare River delta, called Dromquinna on the Bay, where everyone was out standing on the beach finding a tan. Cathy when kayaking kayaking with Brian. We ate salads for #3.50, stuffing our plates so full with every kind of goushy mixture of vegetables and sauces. Musicians were playing pop music and some tourists requested songs and sang with them. It wasn't very good, but the whole atmosphere was. Everyone is excited by the extraordinary weather.

We walked along the pier to a little warming house, because of all the cigarette butts, the title "smoking house" seemed more fitting. The walls were pink/orange, very nice, with big arch windows. We decided it would be a nice place to live, completely surround by the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. While I was writing this, Sam was making a sand creation. It was a skeleton of a short wide human. Although it not very accurate, kids were very shocked and excited when they saw it. We got a lift back from Cathy's beau when we had our fill of the sun.

Back at the hotel, Sam and I are writing in their chairs while Liz and Kathy nap in pajamas after their showers. We will leave here at 2100 hours for the bars. After that I want to get some more rest, or maybe just do a little walking. Perhaps the cemetery. We stopped at the disco on our way home and Willy, the bouncer, let us in for free. I left soon through the bar to the kitchen and up to the room. I lit the candles, listened to a tape made from back home and burned candles. It was a much needed solace.

We are having vegetarian bean burgers with peanut or garlic sauce at the Brasserie. We are going to see art at the Park Hotel. I think it will be brilliant to get on to the rest of Ireland after this, but I will miss this small place with all its tourism. In our already rising nostalgia for Kenmare and our new friends, Sam and I came up with a rebel song about the Park Hotel, or rather a chorus: "And Dave and Sam, like lightning ran, from the rifles of the Park Hotel." We sang it over and over and over again.


I rode the K75 to work today for the last time on my permit. I take my test on July 15th, but have to wait until then to get it out again, unless I get another permit for the year by doing another written test and paying 20 bucks. I went to Walmart to buy things for the show for lunch, but when I called Rachel they'd already picked up the necessities somewhere else, so I bought a small skillsaw that would fit in my backpack and two corn-dogs for lunch.

Rehearsal was productive, and Rachel is really doing a great job as a director, working with people exactly how I like to interact, and it's so fun to watch her. Though I'm so tired, and she keeps us at the barn so late. We went until 22:30, then both drove to Sarah's for drinks and conversation around the fire pit.


La Crosse, WI

We went to La Crosse for my aunt Mary Lou's birthday, meeting them at a steak house around noon. Then Rachel and I went shopping at Menards and the Antique Center in downtown La Crosse. We bought a police whistle, some hats, and a lot of things for the show and my wardrobe. Rehearsal was hot, but bearable, and we got through ACT I of URINETOWN.