004.December 28

Rachel spent another day painting the house, and we moved the Lion and the Witch Wardrobe into the front entry room to be used as a cloakroom. I ordered a pancake lens for our Pentax camera that should be very good in low light.

John and Eric came over to bring my Christmas present and help move the wardrobe, which just fits in the new room.


I went in to work for a few hours, and then the blizzard hit. I had other reasons to come home, and had just installed a new firewall and wifi devices at work so that someone could finish configuring them. I went home to rest, plow, and rest. I ended up working until quite late, relaying problems to the people working on them. It was still a nice night. I played Age of Empires with Andrew and Doug for a few hours in the evening while Rachel isolated herself from me downstairs watching movies.