314.February 21

Nottingham, UK

I read Wuthering Heights and our English Painting book until 14:00, when I went to the university, put up the practice schedule for the week, and worked on my hypertext project. I held rehearsal at 17:00 until 19:00 for Lysistrata.


Minneapolis, MN

Depart at 21:30 by Northwest Nonstop to Amsterdam. NWA operated by KLM. 


Today was spent preparing for tonight's fundraising talent show for Band Boosters at SGHS. Mark and I planned to sing a bit from the musical this summer, a song called "Brush Up Your Shakespeare." Oh, I looked at the videos online, some were great, but I didn't get around to printing off the music until the afternoon. I did some cuttings of it to make it more appropriate for the younger audiences that would attend tonight with their parents. Mark called at 16:35 and we got together at 17:00 to rehearse, we recut it, and Rachel joined us and we prepared our song. We used the shakespeare plays and cut the lines out of the text to tape to the back of the ones we were referencing. It worked very well. We had a fine performance and then came home.


Wednesday brought me home early. I had a pain in my chest, and by the time I got to the doctor, I realized it was simply muscular, but I already had the appointment. Then I prepared tax records before heading off to Wednesday soup supper and service at the church. I played three bells in the Bell Choir during the service, and it was the most fun I've had playing bells yet. Then church choir, and home to bed. I transcribed the song "Oh Love" from Cello to tenor sax while lying in bed, and I should not have too much trouble playing for our Luren rehearsal next Monday.