343.January 23


We left Tiberias with Avvi and our bags on our way to Jerusalem. We stopped in Jericho and Quamrun on the way. It was fun to see Quamrun (Dead Sea Scrolls resting place) especially because it was so well preserved and in the desert. The background mountains were beautiful. At 1300, we went to the Old City of Jerusalem, and I bought a chess set. It was $130, but I am very happy with the price because I have checked around for one that is as good and the prices are all higher. He started at $400. I used my Visa card. The guy wanted to know how much money you had. He searched Jamie's pocked for more money. We looked all over and at the church of the Holy Sepulchre and in the Armenian quarter a bit to look for icons for Becca's parents. Then we went back to the hotel Ariel. We played chess, Jeremy accidentally beat me in 8 moves. Then we ate. John Floyd played me later and I won.1993

Rachel and I spent the day at home. We went to the workout room at 18:00 and then out to dinner at 19:00 with the usual suspects and Kay to celebrate the 2nd place finish of Sarah's cast at one-act competition.