165.July 20

Swimming at the pool at 9pm after I mowed the lawn. Before that, we went to the Busta band in the park for dinner, then to docs for a glass of pinot grigio.


I woke early to make 6 cups of 00 pizza dough, and it raised all day while I worked from home. Rachel and Lynn spent most of the day cleaning our old house for a Mardis Gras party after picking up three frozen chicken's at the last turn into Yucatan valley. Lynn held her first live chickens, and Rachel has plenty of photos. I was working from home, and when I finished with work, I went to the old house and made five pizzas, all with different toppings. Chris and Rhonda, John, Jodi, and all the kids but Elyse showed up. Jill showed up too, and we had a swing dance party on the lawn.