broad moonlight

the sphere reflects

her steady gaze

in my periphery

forward, while the moon

merges with earth

the temperatures dip

an oily bubble of fog

deepens valleys

with chill

she catches the ball again

stretching into the fog

of time's passing

toppled by confession

her try wore

a little too much

knowing how she scored her first

broke scrum and

charioteered in a flash

delighting in broad daylight

around the openside and backs

proving she knew how to use it

the moon is ever

an inconsistent reminder of her profiles

sometimes full frontal

sometimes a thin slice

shadowed from frown

dimpled by smile

at angles with attitude

and swerving with

change of mood

flush with fervor

late last month

red with ardor

watched rising from dusk

until dawn swinging a long

pendulous arc

that face leans

on this shoulder

and means to

stay longer

than sunlight