016.December 16

Spring Grove, MN

I stayed home with Rachel today and we cleaned the house to prepare for dinner with her Grandmother and father. The meal was excellent, we had fun playing cribbage, but Leona became ill, and we called for the ambulance to pick her up.


We had lunch with Faust, soon to be a daddy, at Don Jose's Mexican Restaurant. It is Rachel's last day at Luther for the semester, possibly ever, and Faust captured it with his new Canon T2. I can't wait to see the pictures.


I made hash-browns for Rachel and Laurel, who stayed in the guest room overnight. After she left with my honey colored table and chairs that I'd purchased just after moving into my house in 2004, we decorated the tree even more, and I think it is about full. Rachel went to Caledonia to teach voice lessons and came home with amazing home made cookies, which we devoured from one of her students. I made a huge batch of wild rice meatball chicken soup and we watched "Community" and then "House" before bed. I increased my new home server to 10 terabytes.


We organized in the large garage at our second house so we could put the beetle away for the winter. Then we went to Giants of the Earth for the Juletree fest and a beer tasting. Then, caroling with a great many neighbors. It was a full and wonderful day.