073.October 20

Boston South Station - Gate 9 NYC-Gate 10 NWK/PHL to Newark, NJ (Newark Penn Station)

Departing 10/20/2013 at 2:15 PM


Today, we were going to make it to Arch's in time for the whole group. I made french toast and sausages, and Rachel made granola fruit, yogurt and coffee. Jake met us at 8am, and, despite having to stop for gas, we made it to the ranger station before 9am. We started with a hike to the Delicate Arch, and then we stopped by Rachel's own Arch and slot canyon. It wasn't marked, but there was a pull off, and Rachel found cool things. We stopped at Sand Dune Arch, and at Devil's Playground we saw the Landscape Arch, and Navaho Arch, and Double Window. The hike was the best ever, and we might have skipped that if I hadn't insisted that I wanted to drive up there. I will definitely go back there some day to explore more. Then we started looking around to find the best spots for sunset. We had snacks, and eventually decided on a overlook area. When the sun set, we started back down the road though the National Park. It was so beautiful. We stopped at Park Avenue, which was already bathed in darkness, but our camera's captured more than our eyes could. Back at home, we took another Jacuzzi and I grilled burgers and onions. We had stopped at a Maverick station for a $10 bag of buns, catsup, and other condiments. We drank beer and had a nice dinner at home for our last night. I took a drive on Jake's bike in the dark.


Wildhaus, Switzerland