122.September 1

Boston, Mass

I’ve stopped at the “John Harvard’s Brew House” located in The Garage building. I’ve ordered the sampler five glasses of their house brew.

I left the house on my bike at the same time John left with Gloria Rufo, his landlady, for a shopping spree at the mall. I coasted down Lake onto some other streets and found the bike trail that ran on the sides of the Charles River. There were few people on it, biking or walking, nothing like going around the Lakes in Minneapolis. It wasn’t in as good of shape as any of those trails though, it had large bumps from roots undermining it. I took that one lane free for all trail to what seemed to be the oldest bridge over the Charles and took that way and this to Boston Common. There, I got on the freedom trail and fooled around on that all day. But, I forgot Harvard. I saw a sign saying “Harvard Square,” so I got off the bike trail half-way to Boston. I looked at people, and was about to leave when I saw BREWMASTER written on a door window.

When I am alone, I will bike all the way to Falmouth, and from there, take the ferry over to St. Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket. I’ll bring my camera and one lens. I think I can handle that journey. I could bring my tent and poles with no blankets, but maybe I can find another cheap way to go. I’ll see. I’m going to continue biking now.

Hold it! Harvard Square. Wow.

Tombstone I passed:

Farewell vain world. I have enough of thee

And now I’m careless what thou sayst of me

What Fault thou seest in me

Take care to shun

There worke within thy selfe

That shoulde be done

Thy smiles I court not nor thy frownes fear

My cares are past my head lies quiet here.

EDWARD CARTER DIED NOV 11th 1749, aged 45


Elyse and Rachel met me at Magpie for lunch, though I was there typing up diaries and they had to search for me all over town.

Rachel and I ate the rest of her Manicotti dish, and Lee came over and looked at pictures with us while we ate. We mowed the lawn together and then sped off to the tennis courts for a very evenly matched game in the half-light of the Spring Grove courts by night.