052.November 10

I have a friend from Iowa City whom I was in many a show with that is flying out on the 13th of December, so my plan is to spend the 12th with him in London and show him where he hasn't gone. Then on the 13th, I'd love to come visit you. I'll be stopping at Cambridge to see a friend for a few nights on the 15-17. Then I'll be back in London on the 17th. People just emailed me today with all this happy news. It is almost like travelling with people, only they get to change.

I'm all ready to head off to the airport. Currently I plan to take the 10:30 from London Euston and arrive in Glasgow at 15:35 on 11/13. Do you have any advise for what to do when I get there? Which station I should go to? Where I should stay? I'm prepared for Hostels, but also for floors and bogs. Then I plan to leave from Glasgow Central on 11/15 at 13:48 or earlier. I didn't check the time just to return to London via a return ticket and then head off to wherever I might be going, that would be the cheapest route, for sure. I'm looking forward to long train journeys, heaven knows why.2002

Rachel and I had lunch at Magpie's. I cut through the kitchen wall into the new pantry room, so that we can put a door there. It already has a frame, so I was just cutting through dry-wall. I was able to get it all ready to get everything in place this weekend.


Final performance of Escanaba in da Moonlight at Ye Olde Opera House. We had sell-out houses all but the first Sunday, and added a second Sunday performance, which turned out to be a sell-out as well. We took in over $4,800 in tickets and donations, with our expenses being little more than $1,300, making the show nearly as profitable as our most profitable summer musicals after all is said and done. We had a nice cast party at Goodtimes in Caledonia, and I was happy to finally get a good night of sleep. I shaved enough of my mustache to be more of a Magnum PI instead of a hillbilly.