062.October 31

Post date: Oct 31, 2010 7:11:41 AM

When I arrived home, Rachel had pulled a chair to the front yard and was giving out healthy treats to all of the passing kids. I turned out all the lights in the house to keep the kids from knowing we were home, but they still came. She had been making a steak for dinner, and we ate it by candle-light and the kitchen counter florescent, which made the house seem pretty spooky on this Halloween evening. We went upstairs to the bedroom and I made Rachel watch the Fat Albert Halloween special, and then she made me watch Halloween H2O. We soon went downstairs and I refused to continue watching.


When I arrived home, Rachel had the house full of people and was leading kids on tours of our downstairs Halloween decorations as they came to the door asking for treats. They would get candy as the arrived and departed. I got to have a good deal of appetizers and Jill's mexican soup before I had to leave for rehearsal. There were about 60 tricks or treaters who cam e through when I was there, and so I estimate we had more than 100 come to our house that night. We had a fun rehearsal, and tried out some new moments that definitely worked.