062.October 31

When I arrived home, Rachel had pulled a chair to the front yard and was giving out healthy treats to all of the passing kids. I turned out all the lights in the house to keep the kids from knowing we were home, but they still came. She had been making a steak for dinner, and we ate it by candle-light and the kitchen counter florescent, which made the house seem pretty spooky on this Halloween evening. We went upstairs to the bedroom and I made Rachel watch the Fat Albert Halloween special, and then she made me watch Halloween H2O. We soon went downstairs and I refused to continue watching. 


When I arrived home, Rachel had the house full of people and was leading kids on tours of our downstairs Halloween decorations as they came to the door asking for treats. They would get candy as the arrived and departed. I got to have a good deal of appetizers and Jill's mexican soup before I had to leave for rehearsal. There were about 60 tricks or treaters who cam e through when I was there, and so I estimate we had more than 100 come to our house that night. We had a fun rehearsal, and tried out some new moments that definitely worked.


It was a Sunday with no commitments. I made us breakfast, a 3 egg broil with our tomatoes and peppers and some onions and beans as the base. Same as usual this fall. Rachel went to play in church like every Sunday since the earth was created. I had just heard that she won an e-bike in a raffle, so I learned all about that online before I did research on the car repair I was going to work on today. The e-bike looks pretty amazing by the way. 

I was going to change the starter on our MK4 Golf tdi. But, even though the website for RockAuto said it was going to work in my car, it doesn't. The one I want rebuilt would be under $100 bucks, but instead I took everything I needed apart and cleaned the electrical contacts, and it seems to have taken away the weak grinding sound that I was getting during starts. So I don't think I have to do the replacement anyway. 

My next project on the car was to install a hitch. It's a pretty small car, so this hitch actually needs some drilling. I got Rachel to help me out on holding it up and blocking the sun from my eyes, both were very important tasks. I finished, and though it doesn't seem like much of anything to get done in a day, I think if I hadn't finished this today, it would have been next year. I'm excited to use our coffin trailer with this car, because that means we have plenty of room for luggage if we take a long trip with friends, especially if we can put our new freezer in the boot to carry food and drinks to where ever we may be going. 

Happy Halloween. Rachel was decorating the porch for greeting Trick or Treaters later, and because the night was going to turn out to be very cold, like feeling only 4 degrees at it's worst because of the wind, people came with their children well before it was dark. I got some jack-o-lanterns set up in the attic spire, so my job was done. I picked some red and tomatillo tomatoes and squash and brought them in, in case there is a bad freeze tonight.

I will have rehearsals for Rocky Horror Show the rest of this week, though I think Thursday will be a day of rest.

Rachel and I ended the evening with The Great Pumpkin and an episode of Ted Lasso.

I can't wait to try out my new hitch, but one has to have an occasion to us a hitch, and I can't think of one yet. But it will come.


A snowstorm this morning rivals any first snow I've seen, and any Halloween snow from my past. I had a nice Chipotle Enchilada for lunch at Don Jose as I ran through all my lines for the upcoming play. I love it when it get's fun to go through lines by myself in restaurants. I don't know or care what the other people may think. I hung a poster on my way out to advertise the show, to justify how long I spent with my chips and guac.

I opened the basement for our plumber to have his way with our pipes. I hope it makes a big difference in my general house love.