305.March 2

U. of Nottingham, UK

I had a meeting with my house professor in the morning, a 13:00 technical meeting at the New Theatre, an afternoon Nottingham Playhouse meeting, and rehearsal all evening. What can I say else?


Birmingham, UK

I am possibly in the most compact plane I've ever flown. I am catching an earlier flight in case mine is also delayed. I have to remember my Aberlour in the tiny overhead bin above, and my book. I feel good. This good feeling is surprising, considering I have been in an airport for 12 hours overnight. It seems we will have a seat in between us, the window man and I. I think we are nearly ready to lift nose.

I should begin now, considering everything that occurred over the week and 2 days, to find meaning in my actions, in my wanderings. Mostly to find a reason for each expenditure I made. Every penny.

No cash left. I bought no gift, except for me and those who drink whisky. But that is a special taste that brings back the peaty aroma of a small town in Wales. So that is nearly worth it. I did not spend so much on drink. And the food I purchased was all sensible. Indian food. So many different things, all were good. I must have had 5 Indian meals. Shrewsbury, Liverpool, Swansea, Birmingham. Sometimes, most times, I ate nothing. I wish I would have had more time for lunches. And more pubs with different Real Ales would have popped into my path. But then I would not have had my wits about me I suppose. Not that I did anyway.

Never ever fly out of England Monday morning. Travel in England on Sunday is dodgy. Especially in places where there is nothing worth doing on Sunday. Birmingham was a complete bore Sunday, except to be able to walk around the city, all the splendid buildings. I wish I would have made the gallery in time. But since I did nothing there, and was not willing to pay to stay there, I wish I woud have gotten off the train at Abergaveney. We are delayed in this plane at least 30 min more. This is good I fit on this one because I would have had connection problems in Amsterdam otherwise. I wish I could have enjoyed this flight day more. But there is nothing for me. I 'll read, but mostly I hope for sleep. To be controlled by the winds, funny we still admit this world still touches us. People will still say "The Hand of God."

Since I've my pen yo fill in flying arrival cards, entrance to the USA. So they know what I've got with me, I might as well write a little about my luxurious flight here. The flight on the tiny UK connection to Amsterdam was AWEFUL. In may ways. Most of all was the ending, the landing in 45 mph winds, very bumpy. I got hot all over, dizzy, palpitative. But this flight has been great.

I'm sitting next to two very nice women, the one just next to me if from Naples. I've have helped her with getting Mr Bean's volume settled on her speakers. We saw Auld Lang Syne and where he buys a chair, all the same episode I guess. Very funny. And then the Muppet Show with John Cleese. But mostly I've been reading my new Stephen Fry novel called "Making History." It is very good, and would you believe it is based loosely on history, go figure. I am a bit loopy now. First I drank non-alcoholic Amstel Malt - very good. Excellent, if we had that in the US, people would give up alcohol. Probably too many calories, though. Then with our meal I had a nice French Chardonaye. Then tea. Then Drambui. Now I'm spinning, I hope the landing goes well. But these two women let me climb over them to get to the toilets, and then they actually go up to let me back in.

The sky is verybright blue with a pink yellow lining between it and the earth bound clouds. We must be way up in the heavens. A movie with Danny Devito is now on. An old cop show.


We went to T-bocks and then over to my brother's house to spend the night and watch LOST together. I showed off our new Pentax K-7 and then worked on merging addresses for wedding invitations and planning out guests.


After dropping Rachel off at church with a burrito that I made from some leftovers, I started to work dismantling and attempting to fix my PS3's that I bought for parts. I was able to get one working, as it only needed a power supply, but it has major damage to the HDMI port, so I might have to take it apart and add a new port to that via soldering it. When Rachel came home, I went to the Jan Storlie farm to buy some family furniture from them so that we can keep them in the family. They were originally at my parents farm house, but Anna had taken them with her to town when the farm was sold to my father, and from their they went to Rolf. I also got a set of 6 chairs to go with it. Chris came with my parents in his work truck to pick it up, along with a pie cupboard. Rachel was baby sitting so John could come along to help, and we picked up Lee in Caledonia. It was good to talk with Dan, Eric, and Trupti while they were here, and we saw a lot of family photos.

That night, after dropping the items off at our house and picking up Rachel, we went to Tony's house for an Oscar party. Frida arrived home in the afternoon, and so she came a little later and worked on homework with Tony's son. We had a lovely evening, and were promised that we could join them for a car cruise sometime this summer in their Mini Cooper.