Sick of Shadows

Post date: May 20, 2009 6:31:28 PM

When you look at him

your eyes become moats

swirling around you

In a stream barely

as wide as the boat

that promised your rescue.

I couldn't hear

his sirens approach

When could you?

He was a crook

with a name like Death

and he hooked you.

Your eyes cracked

with tears at my side

I was your mirror

your world was my pride.

I made you think

that it might be inside me

Hoping to keep you

close and beside me.

You were the Lady of Shallott

Living dreams that would not sleep

Trapped in a castle

where you were the keep

You can't even look

out a window to see

Only at visions

reflecting from me

Watching from angles

you prayed to be free

Your curse could not see

your true beauty through me.

I shutter like the curious pictures

that change when someone looks.

Burning with a furious passion

unwritten in your books.

My eyes cracked

with tears at your sigh.

I was your mirror

your shield and your lie

Hoping you could see

a future within me

but knowing someday

you would look beyond me.

When I see you dead

your lips


to steam me

The crash

of a shard

of your kiss

falling cleanly.

Then I reflected

upon his approach.

I begged you

to see me.

You listened only

to his bugles blow

and their shrill


I am shattered

with tears at your side.

I was just a mirror

your guilt and your pride.

Your dance crazed the loom

that was our nest

it's web

would surround you

Tangling your softest hair

in his crest

as it's colors

astound you.

I'm swept up

in a furious river

that washed

your tears away

when they stretched my frame

with curious pictures

of the day

you sailed away.

You were the Lady of Shallott

living visions I sought too.

I was your mirror you saw all

my thoughts when I dreamed about you.

You said it was just

your reflection that bored you

So you never noticed

how much I adored you.

Death freed you from

the castle where I keep

reliving my dreams

if and when I can sleep.

I can't even look

out a window and see true

For the sea as a gravestone

rolls constantly over you.

I'm swept up in the furious ocean

that floats past everyday.

All my life it's been that curious

potion I drink to drift away.

You were the Lady of Shallott

living the visions I brought you.

In that mirror

I was a thin window beside you.

The visions I shadowed

have shattered inside me.

Now only those fragments

can reach me so deeply

as did the Lady of Shallott.

c c/g f capo 3