balancing alone

on the aluminum dock

she pockets her phone

and spies a rock

on the nearby shore

can she jump the span

or will minnows

strip off her skin

as she sinks below

to leave a skeleton

shivering green in shadow

and gleaming bone

answered by visions

entirely morose

she makes her decisions

to settle her toes

just below the surface

where she can lift

them out of the grasp

of the churning fish

it's a very cold dip

but she fights the compulsion

to get up and slip

on her shoes

she waits for a nibble

and sways her feet forth

reaching her ankle

into the course

still deeper the pulse

as the chill tingles up

from the school swimming close

her legs to her hip

she rubs down her thighs

with her palms

to staunch the shivers

erupting inside

and clenches her seat

as ribs of the docks

etch staff lines

on her buttocks

firm as grapes

sitting knees spread

relaxes her pose

lazing back on her head

she can bear to wait

for a nibble

but fears for a bite

she wouldn't quibble

if her discomfort was slight

the phone wakes vibrating

and she starts up to this

where she has been laying

and dreaming the fish.