244.May 2

New Orleans, LA

Jazz fest, and hazy day with incredible performances. These three at the small Ray-Ban stage were the highlights.

12:50 - 1:50 Marcia Ball

2:20 - 3:25 Delbert McClinton

3:55 - 5:10 Bruce Hornsby



London, UK

No English breakfast at the Marne hotel on Belgravia Rd. I woke earlier the previous morning, and though I'd gotten more sleep, I was enveloped in a funk that has progressed into an eye infection throughout the day. I had been too early for Tate Britain yesterday, but today was right on time for it's 10am opening. I started backward through the exhibits, as I would highly suggest. That way it starts somewhere around 1900 and gradually travels back in time. The most recent to me is the most tolerable of british art. You can see where everything was leading, and to me is the epitome of British cultural history. I especially like the many depictions of British theatre and literature in the paintings of the time.

After the art gallery, which to me was a bit clouded by my eye problem, I went to the Tate Cafe for cream tea with the added bonus of the croissant and ginger beer that I had put on my plate before I saw the necessary cream tea sultana scone and clotted cream.

I have continued up Millbank to the Lord over the Moon on the Mall, which is right next door to Trafalgar Studios, a small theatre in which I witnessed the groundbreaking production of Sweeny Todd three years back.

There is a real ale festival going on here at this bar, and I've been tasting my way through many of the finest ales I shall ever have (for 2 pounds a pint, or 3 1/3 pint glasses for the same price. Today's are Golden Seahawk, Steaming Billy, and Double Century in order of my preference. 2 days ago I had Brains, Tanglefoot, etc. Other ales I've tasted this trip are Bombadier, Courage Directors Bitter, and Samuel Smiths: Bitter and extra stout.

I continued my journey on through London and picked up tickets to the Mousetrap for Wednesday (tomorrow) night.


I spent the day in the yard and inside. I had a lovely morning, sleeping in much later than normal, mostly because I'd fallen last night on Jill's steps on my back, after slipping with my tennis shoes. I sharpened the lawn mower blades at my father's house and mowed the lawn, which has shot up so quickly in the last 3 days. I had dinner with Jill at Doc's, where we discussed the family farm.


Oxford, IA

I took John to his house in Oxford to get the last of his possessions before they close in two weeks. We left at about 18:30 in the 1957 Chevy. It was the longest drive I've taken in the truck, and the fastest, with a long stretch of 70 mile per hour road from Independence to the Oxford exit on I-80. It performed very well, and I was very proud that my truck is in top shape. We slept on a deflating air mattress well after midnight.


It snowed today, blanketing the midwest in heavy wet icy snow that did not leave by the next day. We didn't fare badly in Spring Grove, getting only a few inches, but Mpls was covered with 15 inches. I unpacked all of our glassware and set up our bar. Not a bad night. Rachel auditioned to be the church organist.