335.January 31

Nottingham, UK

The Chaucer final went fine. It was almost fun. That night, I went to the movie "Mrs. Doubtfire" with Becca and Kris K.. We met many students from the trip to Amsterdam.


Flying over Arizona,

Some 4,000 more miles between me and happiness, whatever that might mean or be, I know. Loneliness lasts like a headache as the black mountains drift past below, I remember what I’ve forgotten, I’ve done all this for me, sacrificed many hours and stabbed all my ceasers dead. If there was anything so jagged as the landscape I could cut myself on, alas. Impenetrable striations of cliffs. And misguided valleys, barons of flatness. The slippery river echoes off the walls of a desert, a mirage, a wolf is invisible perhaps only coyotes live here. I am enwrapped in contempt for my own mission, my submission to myself, my simple eager laziness. That which ponders me and collapses my ribs like a vault closing full. Use my compass to keep my bearings. That seems my solitary rule. Need Matches.


I woke at 0630 in the Wabasha AmericInn Hotel with Rachel and Jacob on either side of me. Rachel and I had the hotel breakfast, and I experienced my first manual bagel slicer. We got to church just after 7:30 and got the roasters started. Then we slicing fruits. Rachel sang at the church as Jacob and I prepared the final fruit salads and we placed the meals out for the parishioners. Our meal was a success, and we did dishes until we finally got to have our own brunch after they all left. It was hard work, and I'm never volunteering to do anything at a church again.

We headed to La Crescent, where we picked up our car and went to the coop in La Crosse for some specially foods. They didn't have any Lemongrass, so we went to the Indo-Chinese Market on La Crosse Street. Rachel fell down 5 times without ever hitting the ground, and was miraculously saved because she worked in a church earlier in the day.