045.November 17

Stirling to London, UK

I've left Stirling today, and again left Glasgow, managing to purchase some needles and thread to sew buttons on my overcoat. But first I must tell about the excitement that was Stirling.

I'm pulling to a stop at Carlisle, and had to rearrange some of my stuff in case someone wanted to sit at my table. I've still got a ploughman's sandwich left in my bag, but soon I'll need to go to the lunch car and get something to drink.

We are leaving Carlisle, we departed 10 minutes late, there is a somewhat impressive castle there. I had thought of stopping there for a few hours if I was going to space out my trip back to London. Instead, this trip back is expedited in order to visit friends in London. I could have spent a great deal more time in Scotland, but maybe I should go again to find the health of summer. I also thought it would be a rainy day, but it has been the clearest I will see this trip.

After we cleared Scotland and arrived in Carlisle, and the sun had been blinding me the whole way to there, it soon began to get dark. The rest of the way it remained dark and the way back as rather uninteresting. So I did only reading and writing to pass my time. I pondered a trip to Norfolk, a place I have not spent much time. But then I settled upon travelling South from London to Briton, which Malcolm tells me is brilliant. Then I plan to go east from there, see a few castles, etc. and then wander back to London. Tentatively, I'm planning for Cambridge on Saturday through Sunday.


Minneapolis, MN to Marseille, France,

Tonight, I departed on a trip to France, via Northwest Airlines for $706.59 round trip to Marseille with a two hour stopover in Amsterdam, at Schiphol (AMS) which was enough time for some sushi and a nice walk through the lovely airport. I visited the fly covered urinal near the Duty-free, although all of them may have flies painted on them, I'm not sure.

I stayed for 10 days, during which time I would travel to Rome via a hellish night in Nice.