058.November 4

Decorah, IA

Frida and Rachel met me for a fabulous lunch at Don Jose's Mexican Restaurant. We started planning Thanksgiving, Christmas, and our trip to Scottsdale, AZ all in one meal. There is a norwegian friend of Frida's best friend in Scottsdale, so we will be able to meet up with them, most likely.

I have a rehearsal tonight for Escanaba, though we just had a successful show yesterday, so I doubt we'll put much effort into it. We'll meet again on Thursday, so tonight, maybe we could just play euchre.


Decorah, IA

I used the last day available before Daylight Savings time ends to right the F800st to work, and reached down to 28 degrees Farenheit on the way. As a co-worker informed me, the engine gets greedy and the tires eat up the highway when it gets this cold. My freezing indicator was flashing. I have to see why it is so worried for me. It was beautiful out, despite the fogged up helmet, as I don't want to let in any more cold air than necessary. I love heated hand grips, and my new CAMP riding gloves with the attached wind-blocking mitten really help. My haircut was postponed for tomorrow, and so I will still get my hair ready for the first performance of "Rocky Horror Show" tomorrow night.