317.February 18

London, UK

The people at my house and I all traveled by bus to London at 08:30 and arrived at noon. Our driver dropped us off at Greenwich, and took our luggage to Earl's Court Youth Hostel with David Faldet, who first gave us tickets to the Royal observatory (where the international date line is located, and GMT is set), the Queens House (designed by Inigo Jones), the Royal Naval Museum and Cutty Sark (the fastest clipper cargo ship ever). After Greenwich, the rest of our group split for London, but Becca and I went to Trafalgar Tavern, where Dickens frequented. Sadly it was closed, so I called for tickets to "She Stoops to Conquer;" I almost left my wallet in a phone booth. We got lunch at Greenwich market, and a pint. It was 17:00 when we left, and got to Earls Court at 18:05. I bought a jacket made in Ecuador for 34 pounds at an outdoor market. We ate Ramman noodles at the hostel and ran for the play. It was tremendous. The actors were very talented and well-known in London. One was a pop music star, and one was a famous female leading lady for TV. Most of our group went to She Stoops to Conquer that weekend.


Ye Olde Opera House, MN

I would love for you to come to our performance at the Opera House in Spring Grove. Everyone has been telling me it's the funniest show we've ever done, and I have such a great time wearing a dress that I can't help but agree with them.

Tonight is our last show: 7:30PM. We've had great crowds so far, but we don't want to end on a low point after last nights snow storm prevented our show. Please come tonight. Tickets are $5 for students and $10 for adults.


I got some fun books for managing theatre today, and read them as I walked to the co-op, and the woman behind the deli counter asked if I was without Rachel today. She said it was good to see me too, but she missed Rachel's bright shiny smile. I had chicken curry and tandori vegetables over saffron rice. Coffee so black it was smoking a cigar in a dark alley.

When I got home, I helped Rachel prepare for her students recital. I printed the programs and we picked up groceries and stuff for the punch. They both did a great job with their songs, and Rachel gave some inspirational speeches. She looked to be having a wonderful time. We went to the opera house and cleaned up decorations from our party, and brought the eldest of the two singers to help us pack up decorations. Rachel took her home and I tried to break the longer of the icicles from our eaves. I skinned my hand on the blade of my shovel.