356.January 10

Hazor, Israel

We loaded the bus for Hazor at 9:00 after breakfast. We got to the tell and examined the water system, which was very impressive. The book "The Source" is mostly modeled after this location. Tell-Hazor was strange to me because I kept comparing it to The Source. I tried to picture myself as the archaeologist. When we were on the tell, I questioned why they would rather live in cities than in the country. I know that it was safer in a city, but it does not seem necessary to establish anything more than storehouses, battlements and a well behind the walls. They could have set up shelters like those at Hazor for war, but in these kinds of buildings, it would be uncomfortable to live in the cities. It is even now. They must have experienced long, long periods of warfare inside the walls. Otherwise I don't see how people would prefer cities at all. I live in the country, so I am biased, but these cities were unhealthy ways to preserve life. At the museum, we talked about the religious symbolism, and what the symbols that were found here meant. On our way back to Tiberias, we toured the Caprice diamond factory. I saw a beautiful woman's ring for $747. It was the best ring there, I thought. It could have been a man's ring.

At the hotel, I went to the steam room with Becca and felt very refreshed. Our lecture this evening was on the 12 tribes of Israel. After dinner, we held a worship service in the Hanson's room about the 3 Kings. I studied for the remainder of the night.


Nottingham, UK

I woke at 11:00 and went on an errand to drop off film to develop at Jessops and get bus passes with Drew. We couldn't get passes until Wednesday. I brought my shoes (brown boots) to the repair shop for new heels. Since then, I've been slow at home, working on my paper and eating. A group of us went to The Wheatsheaf for drinks. I came back early and Becca came to visit a bit. I described my Wales pictures to Lisa, Liz, Robyn, & Eve. Then I did more work on Critical Theory.


Chisholm, MN

CLIMB Theatre's Purple Company just finished our tour of Chisholm High/Middle/and Elementary Schools. The performance space was beautiful, a restored theatre built during the prosperous Minnesota mining years. Decorative with green and orange stencils. The word is the cat-walk is atrocious, however. We performed "Expect Respect 1 and 2", similar shows tailored for different ages of high school students. I had a wonderful time with both, and I think I was a good kid of the ages I was portraying. I felt like one. I'm tired though, and ready to be home. We'll stop for lunch on the way.


Decorah, IA

My weight=170


We cleaned the upstairs of our house today, moving our dressers into one of the bedrooms to set it up as a dressing room. This went on for a very long time, but was interrupted for a brief time so that we could go to a fund-raiser for one of Rachel's high school friends. I saw the friends brothers, who had played with me in the orchestra for 'Annie' many years ago. I watched 'The Magnificent Seven' while I cleaned for the rest of the evening, color sorting all of my long sleeved shirts.


I went to the gym to work out when I got home from work. Just an hour, but it was quite a nice experience. Rachel came home much later in the night. I watched a Movie called "Gunless".