312.February 23

Nottingham, UK

I went again to the Russian Tearoom at 13:00, and had a short meeting with Simon Shephard after. The 14:30 workshop at the Nottingham Playhouse was educational and very fun. It snowed all day long. 6": the most in 10 years.


Shrewsbury, UK

If a man simply went to Paris on a Tuesday in June, would he have to be a man forever? If I first of all say something is so, I can never say it is not so. I should be so constant. 

Therefore to say “I love you.” The question is not “do I love” but are you “you?” Do you see” (SEMANTICS) A proof is never a proof unless it is directly relying upon itself. Nothing can be clear cut when something to do with perception is involved. Do you see why? 

I say “I love.” Did I say it? Yes, someone can agree. Did I mean what I say? I can say, yes, I mean. Did I mean what you heard? Who can answer that? Neither. Therefore no truth can exist in two minds simultaneously. 

God exists. Does God exist? Yes, God is God, and to exist is to be a part of God. Therefore to say “I exist” would mean the same as “I exist in God.” “I exist because of God,” which mean the same as “God created me.” If it weren’t for God, I wouldn’t have been created. That does not prove that I am an important factor in the creation process. Or that anything else relies on God for it’s individual existence. The truth will set you free. I am the Truth, the Way, the Light. The only way to God is through me. What is me? Me is a definition of a personal entity. Who are you? Me. But it is not enough to say “me,” what is the state of me-ness? It is a physical property. Yes, it seems to be. But it is more than that and perhaps so much less. For it is language again and if something can be described in language, then it can’t be described without language. And those things that can be described without language can’t be described with it. These are all tautologies? No. I am saying something that does not mean the same thing at all, but it seems to, doesn’t it.

Thoughts, as we have them, improve our abilities to think in the form we think in. But it does not improve our world. Nothing we think and don’t do helps outside of us.


I am, by no means completely healed from my lack of having traveled as far and as randomly as I had wished. However, the very precise and devastating laser that traveled some depths into my eye socket has gone where no man has gone before, and I feel that the rest of my life will be traversed more keenly. Today, in my small and indeterminate burrough of Spring Grove, I shall go to a Lutheran Church service and then, at 3 in the afternoon,to a singular and smelly on and off-license for a concert by my friend Mike McAbbee. Ah, country music is what this land is all about, and what the terrorists do fight so deftly for.


Rachel and I woke up sick this morning, and decided to sleep in. We both felt too drained, and decided not to go to school or work. Rachel was exhibiting cold symptoms, and using lots of Kleenex, so staying home seemed to be the best option. I cleaned the rest of our clothes, and we rested and watched a movie called "The Reader," which is also an amazing book I remember reading back in Iowa City upon Brenda's recommendation after I had suggested "The Story of the Eye." Later, we watched LOST on HULU, weighed in at the gym, and I made Sour-dough bread while playing Modern Warfare 2 online with trainer from the gym.


Nottingham, UK

The RSC returns to Nottingham in 2019 with Romeo and Juliet | Theatre Royal and Royal Concert Hall Nottingham (trch.co.uk) 

My last night in Nottingham lead me to theatre, a production of Romeo and Juliet at the Theatre Royal. What a fantastic production. The actors were all encouraged to use their native accents, and the show was just full of all the sounds of the UK. I ate along beforehand at The Stage Door, a great pub right near the theatre at 7a Wollaton Street, Nottingham, NG1 5FW. I see now that it has changed their name to The Stage(see below). I remember feeling alone and lonely, and rushed. They didn't have much room that night. It didn't much matter, as I knew I was going to the show. The experience in the theatre was wonderful. Chicken, Ham and Leek pie on the way, hopefully before Romeo and Juliet kill themselves! Spoilers all around.

Afterwards I walked the streets of Nottingham, trying to see every last place and embed it in my memory. I stopped in the Old Bell Tavern, and it didn't keep me there, probably because that always seemed like a place one needed others around to share in the atmosphere. I'd never been in the disco-tech portion of that place, and this time I did walk in and it turned me off totally. I should have stuck to the front where I belonged years ago.

I walked up the Mansfield Road to my flat, and ended up finally at the Lincolnshire Poacher. Ian had encouraged me to check it out, as one of his favorite pubs. I don't remember setting foot in the door when I did live in Nottingham. It definitely was a class joint, though perhaps that is not what is intended. Lincolnshire Poacher - Castle Rock Brewery I had a great time, but it was really getting obvious that I was wanting to hang out with friends. 

I walked over 15 miles today, and it all was good. I first met my host mother, 


We have a show! Last weekend was great. "A Perfect Arrangement" at Ye Olde Opera House may not have been perfect, but live theatre isn't supposed to be. It grows, it seeks fulfillment: just like a relationship. It takes our relationship with you to bring it to fulfillment, but tonight's pick-up rehearsal was amazingly nuanced and incredibly alive. What! Just a rehearsal? Why no audience? Well, we postponed tonight's show because of weather and added a 3:30pm performance this Sunday, and we gained another night with the cast to prove we know our stuff. You have to see this. And if you have seen it, you might just want to again. Things can grow when you are doing live theatre, especially since there is so much to grapple with in this intense roller-coaster of a tragic comedy drama. I've never used that phrase before. It deserves it. We hope you can come, we can fit you in, it's important stuff. For a recap, this is a recently written story about 1950's decision by our government that affect us today, and individual decisions by people who love each other affecting how they will move forward with their lives in that incredibly messy and explosive way that people who feel out of step walk through life. See us LIVE: February 24, 25 at 7:30pm or Feb 26 at 3:30pm. We are ready for you. We have a smattering of offensive language to speak, we can't get around that, they are the lines we were given so that we could bring this story to life. You have three opportunities left to see it. Take them. We'll be ready for you.

Perfect Arrangement: February 18,19, 24, 25 at 7:30pm or Feb 26 at 3:30pm