066.October 27

One of the most fun rehearsals I've ever been at was tonight. Escanaba in Love, and I finally have most everything down, so that each moment can be at once prepared and experimental. It's what it's all about, and also having a few beers on stage as part of my character makes it all the more fun. I also placed a Jiff peanut butter lid in my shoe to help me remember that my leg and my neck are broken. It worked like a charm. 


Paris, France


Gross Halloween Party 2023

Back in the back country Mable area home, the Halloween party was much more scaled down this year, with just over 10 people at the part. We pranced around in our costumes first. I was a giant inflated Dalmation and Rachel was Cruella. Then games at the table. A fine balance of food and drink was achieved. Good times.