108.September 15

Nottingham, UK

It's cold and rainy with a colorful umbrella. We took the bus to Nottingham Castle and started a tour with a guide there. Then we walked around the old town, seeing historic pubs, the Lace district, churches, warehouses. We walked to the Cathedral, and past the old court buildings where they hung people on the front steps. The Lace market and some of the decorative buildings were other highlights. Our tour ended with lunch at The Salutation, one of the oldest pubs, after a tour of its ancient underground caves, outdating the building by much. More recently and even now, they're used to store the casks of beer for the pub. They even have their own ale brewed in one of the caves that we did not see there.

We ate together. I ordered chicken and ham pie, smashed peas, and chips. I had a Snek Lifter Bitter from Cumbria. It was wonderful. I had John's Guinness as well, because he didn't really like it, and a quarter of Kris's Pedigree Bitter. Christy just came in to tell me that she had a dream that I asked her out and she said no, and then I stoned her and beat her bloody. In her dream, no one believed her that I had done it when see went to health service, so she felt just awful. I hope that is no indication of how we will get along this year.


Rachel and Elyse were loose in the cow-yard when I got to my parents farm after work. Patty and Sharon were picking up meatball dinners for all of us, and so we went out into the pastures and played that were were in Narnia and the White Witch had taken Edmund, played sometimes by Jyles, Rachel's old black dog.

We had rehearsal, just with Sarah, and had a good time cutting a few pages from the script.


I woke at 07:00 before Rachel got ready for church, and wrote in my diary. It is still raining, so I am thinking of making breakfast for her before I go. We plugged in the fridge we brought in the garage, so we've got a bit of our food from the camping trip with us.