you may not know

but it's been following

I notice all ways

like the vine

with delicate flowers

glistening purple in the

morning sun

there is the memory

in a murmur of rain

whisked by that wind

dancing currents

in undulating cloudlets

waltzing close, dripping

down serious bangs without

a trace of scarlet

I felt a shiver you shed

the crunch of fall

leaves two weekends

on the ground

dry in fading light

grasses perpetually

bowed with burden

where your eyes

searched every blade

wings dropping upturned

pressing updrafts

down to grasp

a hidden branch

cool water tricking

bare rock walls

a stern profile

seeming perplexed

by thoughts of what?

time passes too swiftly

days slide by like

reeds along the shore

the searching feet of night

calling out not to latch

the gate after traipsing

from finger to elbow

impossible to turn

when fixed

on those upturned

beckoning, questioning

wistful dazzling

trusting perpetually candlelit


mysterious shadows




calls you



one ear

left bare


to be









through leaves





not a trace

the moment

is gone again


I'm not ready for

another's cold skin

totally covered

but goosey

underneath immense

blankets of down

where breathtaking

hugs don't remember

if a cool breeze

was appreciated

time out of


when dreams were

delivered in sweat

tangled dreams with

too many pillows

not even ready

for the long

separation from

sunny exercise

admiring scoop neck

bare shouldered tops

arms cutting stories

out of thin air

short walks along

shorelines, climbs

over rock, swimming

in the pool

dangling off cushions

leaning from smoke

of an evening

gone to morning

sparks and embers

stirred together

thoughts of

years ahead

planning more tomorrows

before tonight

has been swallowed

and put away clean

= moon-spoton/waterdividing into (((rings)rings)rings)

broad moonlight

the moon this morning

her curves merging to earth

atmospheres dipping

an oily bubble of fog

venned in deep valleys

dissolving in sunlight's proud breast

she catches the moon and

stretches into the fog

of time's passing

toppled by her confessions

these competitions wear

a little too much

knowing how she scored

broke scrum and charioteered in a flash

delighting in broad daylight

the moon is ever

an inconsistent reminder of her profiles

sometimes full frontal

sometimes a thin slice

shadowed from frown

dimpled by smile

at angles with attitude

and swerving with

change of mood

flush with fervor

late last month

red with ardor

watched rising from dusk

until dawn, swinging a long

pendulous arc

that moon leans

on this shoulder

and means to

stay longer

than sunlight






Your eyes meet the moonshine

wide and open as a sunrise

with a wink as short as dusk.

When they happen upon mine

I really can't tell lies

they see clean through my husk.

Stars settle into the hills

after dipping through the night

and deep into the wine.

With little between our wills,

celestial bodies pass out of sight

we discover your hands in mine.

Tonight we'll cast our shades

into pitch over the skies

to light another day.

Your eyes are the moonshine

your hair is always night

and your skin's the milky way.

The sound of coming waves

wakes us on love's warm sands

with your head upon my chest.

Blindly feeling where we laid

our garments over grass's tiny wands

making our magic nest.

Gilded by the dews embrace

we skim the shadow path

emerging nose to nose:

If those burn that get too close

do we know enough regret

to desire a lower dose?

Clearly seeking where we lost

our clothing in the course of our race

and failing not, we find.

Comets fast again approach

the heavens they have traced

but falling stars will wind.

We'll return another night

before the dimming of our lives

and then the stars may show

how we are lifted even

to a greater height

the stars alone may know.